Paintings by Kansas artist Michel Fallier

Mike Fallier - Artist - Watercolors - Acyrilics - Murlas - Black & Whites.

 Since birth, Mike Fallier has been immersted in the world of art. As the son of renown watercolor atist, James Fallier, . James Fallier's work has been on display in the National Academy of Design, as welll as many other prestigious galleries. He has also worked around  other world reknowned artists. James Fallier has worked along side A.W.S : Veloy Vigil: Fred Leach: A:W:S:  Robert Laessing, A.N.A. and noted cartoonist Tom Wilson. As members of Mike Fallier's "extended famiy" each in their own way, tutored, advised, and guided to the great artist that they are today.

From the time Mike could hold a brush , he was encouraged to learn and experiment with the stubble, nucances and dynamics of the watercolor medium.  By the time that Mike was 10 yrs old, the years of listening and watching and working closly with his father and other great artist who helped develop his talent in watercolors. When Mike was 16, Mike Fallier's level of artistic mastery of the water color medium was reconized when he became the Kansas Watercolor Society's youngest person ever to be accepted as a member.

In addition to studying under his father, Mike has had the opportunity to study under well know artist Jim Spurlock, Edgar Whitney, A.W.S.
With more than 4,000 works in various private and corporate collections thoughout the United States it is apparent to see why his work is so desired. Please review some of Mikes current paintings recently up for sale.  All paintings are "one of a kind" originals. Any and all special artistic request or visions will be considered. Please contact me with your ideas and images.